PSYDOLL Aurora Explosion Tour 2024 Cyberpunk direct from Tokyo, Japan PSYDOLL the Cyberpunk band from Tokyo, Japan returns UK from 5th Fri to 13th Sat in April.


Cyberpunk direct from Tokyo, Japan

PSYDOLL the Cyberpunk band from Tokyo, Japan returns UK from 5th Fri to 13th Sat in April. It’s a rarely chance to see Psydoll stage in real, Please visit to enjoy Nekoi the female vocal with keytar and Ucchi the old school Metal guitar with wildly, technically and detailed built-in backing tracks!!!

PSYDOLL Aurora Explosion Tour 2024

5th April Birmingham

6th April Leeds

7th April Edinburgh

8th Manchester

9th Glasgow

11th Northanmpton

12th Whitchurch

13th London

All detail in here:


Japanese companies (including S#NY, Mit#ubishi, Hit#chi, S#nyo and P#nasonic) usually use the word “DOLL” to name their production robots for military, business and home use. However, PSYDOLL (Psycho-Doll) are illegal robots manufactured and remodeled without proper licenses and with enhanced abilities unlike other “DOLLs”.

DOLL products have become quite common in everday life. However, since DOLL products can endanger humans, high security standards have been established among leading nations. On the other hand, the efficacy of PSYDOLL is questionable due to its illegal nature, which may result in serious accidents. In fact, 30% of recent fatalities in Japan were reportedly caused by PSYDOLL. Therefore the Japanese government prohibits illicit manufacturing and remodeling of PSYDOLL by severe penalties.

Since PSYDOLL can be purchased at reduced rates because of its low production costs and can still significantly satisfy personal tastes, the illegal production and street sales continue. PSYDOLL must be reported to the proper anthorities upon detection and will be disposed after seizure.

Specific types of PSYDOLL have already been placed on the wanted lists of the police and photos have been displayed at police boxes and airports – just like runaway suspects from radical political and religious groups. While replacement of PSYDOLL parts, including face and body, is easy, most of the wanted PSYDOLL do not particpate in such replacement of their original face, apparent age or sex, since specific individuality is programmed in these PSYDOLL.

Therefore, most PSYDOLL are on the run, disguising themselves and using a false identity just like human criminals.

Meanwhile, even in official type DOLLs, defects are sometimes discovered after distribution. Although recall notices are announced for such DOLLs,some of them escape recall or destruction by unknown methods. Such DOLLs are also placed on the police wanted lists and sometimes referred to as PSYDOLL.


She is the single PSYDOLL created in private by the the programmer who has been praised for his miracle in programming of early female PSYDOLL models.

Nekoi was created based on the images as if that programmer’s late daughter, who actually passed away at her age of 10, have grown up.

However, since the programmer also used brain and optic nerves of his daughter’s cat in creating Nekoi, she is extremely emotional and sometimes even meaningless in expression of her feelings.

She cannot control her voice tones either like her feelings. Words from her bottom of heart always confuse people.

He is one of the early PSYDOLL models manufactured by one Japanese company in its hidden Okhotsk laboratory in early 80’s.
Due to systematic trouble in his safety control portion, he is unable to control himself when exposed to heavy duty sounds like originated by guitar or bass. After he had killed and wounded several people in its testing stage, he ran away and hid out in the city of Tokyo.

Thereafter, he supported several bands and finally banded a band, so-called PSYDOLL, with Nekoi.



PSYDOLL Aurora Explosion Tour 2024

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28th February


15th March (fri)

Show Boat, TOKYO JAPAN (map)

[ Cursed Bands Apartment ]

Information in HERE

5th April (fri)

The Victoria, BIRMINGHAM, United Kingdom (mapFacebook event page

with : Dead Happy

tickets: 12GBP adv (no added booking fee) / 14GBP on the door


6th April (sat)

Lending Room, LEEDS (mapFacebook event page
Carpe Noctum

with: Zeitgeist ZeroTarantula Handsome

Time: Bands from around 19:30 till approximately 22:00, with the club night following till 2am

Tickets: adv 9.05GBP


7th April (sun)

Bannerman’s Bar, EDINBURGH (mapFacebook event page

with: AngelbombMETALTECH

Tickets :

Doors 19:30

8th April (mon)

The Peer Hat, MANCHESTER (mapFacebook event page

DJ Astrocreep presents:

Psydoll/ Ingenue Dual Headline Show with Angelbomb and The Kingdom Below

with: IngenueBlood of AchillesThe Kingdom Below

Time: Doors open 19:00 first band from 19:25

Tickets: 10GBP adv


9th April (tue)

Ivory Blacks, GLASGOW (mapFacebook event page

with: AngelbombRevanica

Tickets :


11th April (thu)

Roadmender, NORTHAMPTON (map)

Spiral Archive Records presents: PSYDOLL + VENUS FLY TRAP

Facebook event page

Doors 19:00-

with: The venus fly trap, more tba

Tickets: 12GBP adv (0.50GBP booking fee)/ 14GBP on the door


12th April (fri)

Percy’s Cafe Bar, WHITCHURCH (map)

with: Def NeonIngenue

Facebook event page

Doors 18:00- / start 21:00

Free entry- plz drink!!

13th April (sat)

Cart And Horses, LONDON (map)

Bands plus club LAVA

bands: Angelbomb, Azrael (ex Riot in Paradise)

Facebook event page

Doors 19:45- / start 20:00-

LAVA club will follow with DJs & it’s Arno’s birthday:

Gareth Angel [Angelbomb]

Arno [Trashville]

Translight [Resident]

tickets: 7GBP adv (plus 0.70GBP booking fee) / 10GBP door (cash preferred)