1570# Infectious Unease Radio 17 03 24(USA) &  19 03 24(Australia) Now Published On Hearthis

1570# Infectious Unease Radio

17 03 24(USA)


 19 03 24(Australia)

Now Published On Hearthis




-Industrial-Futurepop-Gothic-Synthwave-Darkwave-Indie  Now Published To Hearthis 

Accidental President(Australia), Attrition(England), Benjamin Russell(Canada), Blackbook(Switzerland), Black Marine(Austria), Betty X(Usa), Breaking Fuel(france), The Cassandra Complex(England), Cop International(USA),
Cold Transmission Music(Germany), DarkTunes Music Group(Germany), Data Void(Canada), Dead Lights(England), Disrupted Being(Denmark), Euphoria of a Psycho’s Saw ft(Russia), Huir(Spain), Inspira(Russia), Kim Lunner(Norway),
Kirlian Camera(Italy), Larsovitch(France), Lovataraxx(france),La Fouache Management(France), Preger(Russia), Raven Said(Russia), 40 Octaves Below(Canada) Robbie Quine(USA), Dependant Records(Germany), Metropolis records(USA),
New Version(Russia), Noir Corps(Australia) Scent Air Records(Russia), Slave To The Square(Canada) Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Industrial, Ebm, Future Pop, Electro, Industrail, Electronic Industrial, Metal Industrial, Industrial Dubstep, Death Industrial, Ambient Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Aggrotech ,Cybergrind ,Electro-Industrial ,Dark Electro ,Electronic Body Music, Futurepop ,Industrial Metal ,Industrial Rock ,Neue Deutsche Härte ,Japanoise ,Power Electronics ,Death Industrial, Power Noise ,Witch House, Ambient, Electronic, Chill Out, Noise,
Punk, Afro Punk, Steampunk, Hardcore Punk, Cowpunk, Punk Blues, Art Punk, Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Horror Punk
Goth Rock, Gothic Blues, Darkwave, Gothic Metal, Darkwave, Neoclassical, Ethereal, Cold wave, Neofolk, Death Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal,
Neo Folk, Dark Ambient, Dark Industrial, Gothic Industrial,
Dark Jazz, Noir Jazz, Jazz Blues,

99.9 Wax Radio

Indiana Indianapolis USA

17_03_24 Sunday

Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)
streaming on fmradiofree.com/wax-radio-indianapolis

Infectious Unease radio Link : infectiousuneaseradio.com/2024…o-0100-11pm-1am


96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia


Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am
streaming on innerfm.org.au

Infectious Unease radio Link:infectiousuneaseradio.com/2024…o-0100-11pm-1am

40 Octaves Below(Canada) – Earthed Apparatus Invizzion

Dead Lights(England) – Transform (Metamorphosis Mix)(single) darkTunes Music(Germany)

Brittany Bindrim(USA) – Hearsay – Velella Velella – Metropolis(USA) (athan)

Huir(Spain) – Lover(Single) – Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Benjamin Russell(Canada) – Dreams Across The Sky – Plesure centre

Execunit(Sweden) – Rust(single) – Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Larsovitch(France) – Konputa –ΣΥΝΘ / SYNTH – conical Records + Ascèse Record(France)

New Version(Russia) – Much Of Impression – Absorbed 2024 – Scent Air Records(Russia)

Data Void(Canada) – Crash, Burn & Resurrect – Strategies of Dissent – Metropolis records(USA) (athan)

Disrupted Being(Denmark) – Deeper(single) Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Slave To The Square(Canada) – Bonnie & Clyde – S2tsw – Electrodar Kwavesyn Thfunkrock

Kirlian Camera(Italy) – Gotter Geht(Single) – Dependant Records(Germany)(athan)

Propter Hoc(Scotland) -A Tale as Old as Time(Single) -Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Euphoria of a Psycho’s Saw (Russia).& Preger(Russia) – “What the night whispers about.(single)

Blackbook(Switzerland) – Normal(single) – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Kim Lunner(Norway)- Never Give Up- Calling Out – Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Supercraft(Norway) – The Final Step(single) – Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Inspira(Russia) Feat Nasty_X – Criminal Single 2024 Scent Air Records(Russia)

Attrition(England) – The Switch – The Black Maria

Kim Lunner(Norway) Dream Of Mine(Single)

Lovataraxx(france) – “Traumen(single)” – Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Betty X(Usa) – The Velvet Mind(Single)

Black Marine(Austria) & Noir Corps(Australia) – Lingering Nostalgia(Single)

Robbie Quine(USA) – Leggy Love

Raven Said(Russia) – Showtime(single)

Breaking Fuel(france) Feat Matthieu Lesenechal(France) – No Pasarán- 4ème EP

The Cassandra Complex(England) . Give Me What I Need(single) –Cop International(USA)

Accidental President(Australia) -bang Bang – Was It Meant To Be This Way