1572# Infectious Unease Radio (Australia) 02 04 24 Industrial, Gothic ,Punk, Darkwave, Indie AUSTRALIA 96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 02 04 24 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am

1572# Infectious Unease Radio (Australia)

02 04 24

Industrial, Gothic ,Punk, Darkwave, Indie

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia

02 04 24

Tuesday Night

(23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am

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Industrial, Ebm, Future Pop, Electro, Industrail, Electronic Industrial, Metal Industrial, Industrial Dubstep, Death Industrial, Ambient Industrial, Noise, Power Electronics, Aggrotech ,Cybergrind ,Electro-Industrial ,Dark Electro ,Electronic Body Music, Futurepop ,Industrial Metal ,Industrial Rock ,Neue Deutsche Härte ,Japanoise ,Power Electronics ,Death Industrial, Power Noise ,Witch House, Ambient, Electronic, Chill Out, Noise,
Punk, Afro Punk, Steampunk, Hardcore Punk, Cowpunk, Punk Blues, Art Punk, Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Horror Punk
Goth Rock, Gothic Blues, Darkwave, Gothic Metal, Darkwave, Neoclassical, Ethereal, Cold wave, Neofolk, Death Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal,
Neo Folk, Dark Ambient, Dark Industrial, Gothic Industrial,
Dark Jazz, Noir Jazz, Jazz Blues,

Featuring: Accidental President(Australia), Angelspit(Australia/Usa), Black Pill Red Pill(Australia/Usa), Black Snow In Summer(Belgium), Bearsuit Records(Scotland), Carlo Onda(Switzerland), Cellmod(Usa), Circuit Preacher(Usa), Conscience(Germany), Czarina(Philippines/Usa/Spain), Darktunes Music Group(Germany), Distortion Productions(Usa), Dsbp Records(Usa), Eamon The Destroyer(Scotland), Empyrean(England), Eden(Australia),Echozone(Germany),
Flout(New Zeanland), Give/Take(Usa), Golem Dance Cult(Australia), Hugo Race And The Fatalists(Australia) Intrusive Pinky(Usa), Ironic Sweden(Sweden, Kalte Nacht(Greece), Les Disques De La Pantoufle(France), Lunar Paths(England),
Matt Hart(England), Kill Toys(Australia),Melodywhore(Usa), Mind Machine(Usa), More(Sweden), Sensuous Enemy(Usa),The Dark Shadows(Australia), The Darkside Cowboys(Sweden), The Darkstar Calling(Mexico), The Silverblack(Italy),
Who Saw Her Die(Usa), Zero Corporation(England) 

More(Sweden) Shotgun To The Head(single)

Circuit Preacher(Usa) – Subtext(Single)- Darktunes Music Group(Germany)

Mind Machine(Usa) – The Universe – Always Tomorrow (Ep)

Empyrean(England) – Fluid Motion(Single)

Matt Hart(England) – Black Abyss (Original Mix) – Black Abyss Ep

The Silverblack(Italy) – D.O.A.(Single) – Darktunes Music Group(Germany)

Conscience(Germany) – Virtual Minds – Lies Like Your Life -Echozone(Germany)

Sensuous Enemy(Usa) – Rebirth Mix 2 – 02 Soar (Subcutaneous Mix)- Distortion Productions(Usa)(Athan)

Intrusive Pinky(Usa) – We’re The Meow Meow Generation -I Hate You, Patriarch Fuck -Les Disques De La Pantoufle -(The Slipper Discs)(France)

Ironic Sweden(Sweden) – Media Whore(Single)

Czarina(Philippines/Usa/Spain)- Exoskeleto(Single) Darktunes Music(Germany)

Angelspit(Australia/Usa)-Tyranny Of The Beat- The Bastard Gods – Black Pill Red Pill(Australia/Usa)

Flout(New Zeanland) – Bring Down The Fourth Reich -Raised Out Of Ruins – Dsbp Records(Usa)

The Darkstar Calling(Mexico) – Lullaby For My Last Night On Earth The Moors Of Forever Gone

Carlo Onda(Switzerland) – Tears Run Dry (Hush Hush)(Single) – Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Kalte Nacht(Greece) – The Last Breath(Single) -Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Melodywhore(Usa) – Gave It Up (Feat Jane Jensen, Dogtablet) – I Kneed A Drink Did Eye

The Darkside Cowboys(Sweden) -A Different Path(Single)

Kill Toys(Australia) My Confession(Single)

Golem Dance Cult(Australia) – Schadenfreude Addict – – Legend Of The Bleeding Heart

Who Saw Her Die(Usa)- – All This Poison – All This Poison

Eden(Australia) Perfume Garden – The Edge Of Winter

The Cold Field (Australia) – They Thrived – -Black River- Cold Transmission Music (Germany)

Black Snow In Summer(Belgium) – Lost Feeling – Lost Feelings(Ep)

Eamon The Destroyer(Scotland) -A Call Coming – We’ll Be Piranhas – Bearsuit Records(Scotland)

The Dark Shadows(Australia) – Sour Candy(Single)

Those Monsters (Usa) In Her Flesh (Single)

Lunar Paths(England) – A Star At Dawn(Single)

Accidental President(Australia) -Bitter Sweet – Was It Meant To Be This Way

Hugo Race And The Fatalists(Australia) __Heaven & Hell_Taken By The Dream