1553# Subterranean Zone Radio Presented By Infectious Unease Radio 19 11 23(USA) & 21 11 23(Australia) D&B Dub Jungle Garage   Now Published To Youtube

1553# Subterranean Zone Radio


By Infectious Unease Radio

19 11 23(USA)


21 11 23(Australia)

D&B Dub Jungle Garage   Now Published To Youtube



: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hz6w6SGbkTQ&t=2956s

Featuring: Koncrete Roots (Netherlands), Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus), Sumac Dub (France), Muflon Dub Sound System(Poland), Spraggy (Dominica/France), Chebeen Teriya(Burkina Faso), Jamaica Mnanda (Tanzania), Frenk Dublin(Jamaica) , Moonshine Recordings, Subconscious Dub, Weedical Dub , Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico), Spraggy (dominica/France), Mushka Town, Culture Horn(Russia), Aza Lineage(Jamaica) Messian Dread(Neatherlands) Jesse Proverbs, Magic Empire, iGL & Alecho(Greece), Bukkha & Fada JEP, JahWind All-Stars, moonshine records Ras Tamano, Hummingbird, kimmy Ao (Japan), Melodica Dub – Hummingbirdub Records, Mikey Dub Meets Debbie Defire, Mastermind XS(Germany) , Stranger Dub, High & I , Spectral Dub, (Mexico), SistaSara, Eter Dub(Argentina), Natural Dubs ,


was played on these stations and at these times and dates

99.9 Music Wax Radio, Indianapolis Indiana USA _

19 11 23 6pm to 8pm (18:00 hours to 20 hours) EST Sunday Night
streaming link: http://www.fmradiofree.com/embed/wax-radio-indianapolis-483250


96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 07 11 23

Tuesday Night 11pm–1am Tuesday Night (23:00 Hours To 01:00 Hours)
streaming link: https://www.innerfm.org.au

Koncrete Roots (Netherlands) – Sax Di Fisherman (ft. Saxophone Rootsman) – Rudie Dubplates – Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Zion Dirty Sound – Celebrity fever – Fils d’ Abraham – Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Sumac Dub (France) And The Maucals ( France) – Lavender

Muflon Dub Sound System(Poland)- Telewizor Jungle Mix – Secret Archives: What A Ting

Spraggy (Dominica/France) – I Wanna Be Free Dub – Sunshine Country Dub Sessions Special Edition

Chebeen Teriya(Burkina Faso) – Africa – Douhaou – – Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Jamaica Mnanda (Tanzania) – Kama Ipo Ipo (DJ Firmeza Remix) – Kama Ipo Ipo (What’s Yours is Yours)

Frenk Dublin(Jamaica) – Dub Swinger – Dub Swinger EP – Moonshine Recordings

Subconscious Dub- Admission Dub (Don Fe Stems Patreon project) – Explorations in Dub Vol. 2 / Lockdown Dub -Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Weedical Dub – Red Tribe Dub – Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)

Spraggy (dominica/France) – Truth is the Truth(Single)

Mushka Town – Fake It – Ecuation Dub – Green Beats Dub Netlabel (Mexico)

Culture Horn(Russia) & Aza Lineage(Jamaica ) – I Give Thanks – I Give Thanks – Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Messian Dread(Neatherlands) – Maranatha (dub & discomix) (Single)- Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Jesse Proverbs – Sale You Out – Giving thanks Riddim – Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)

Magic Empire – Lion Of Fu – Omeyocan – Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)

iGL & Alecho(Greece) – Deliver Me – Revolution- Dub-O-Phonic Records (Cyprus)

Bukkha & Fada JEP – Bun Di Horns (ft. JahWind All-Stars) – Bukkha..In Roots Vol. 1 – moonshine records

Ras Tamano meets Hummingbird_Circle of Melodica Dub – kimmy Ao (Japan) Circle of Love – Circle of Melodica Dub – Hummingbirdub Records

Mikey Dub Meets Debbie Defire – Thank You – Thank You (Ep – Dub-O-Phonic Records(Cyprus)

Mastermind XS(Germany) – Human rights – Keep on moving – Dub-O-Phonic Records(Cyprus)

Stranger Dub – Sunshine – Sunshine – Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)

High & I – Vampires Dub – Explorations in Dub Vol. 2 / Lockdown Dub – Dub-O-Phonic Records(Cyprus)

Spectral Dub Spectral Dub(Mexico) – Surtido Kosmico del DUB

SistaSara – Future Stepper – Explorations in Dub Vol. 2 / Lockdown Dub- Dub-O-Phonic Records(Cyprus)

Eter Dub(Argentina) – Ras-Sax – In Da Name of Jah – Dub-O-Phonic Records(Cyprus)

Natural Dubs – Xochipilli Dub – Xochipilli – Green Beats Dub Netlabel(Mexico)