1568# Infectious Unease Radio (Australia) 05 03 24 Industrial, Gothic ,Punk, Darkwave, Indie AUSTRALIA 96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 05 03 24 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am

1568# Infectious Unease Radio (Australia)

05 03 24

Industrial, Gothic ,Punk, Darkwave, Indie


Featuring: Black Nail Cabaret(Hungary), Brittany Bindrim(USA), BlakLight(USA), Chiasm(USA), Cat o’ Nine(Germany), Cold Transmission Music(Germany), Cop International(USA),Darktunes Music Group(Germany), Dead Astronauts(USA),
Dependent Records(Germany), Equal Ways(Canada), Eva X(Canada), Give/Take(USA), Kill Toys(Australia) , Kirlian Camera(Italy), KPT(USA), LazyboyProactive(Australia),Lovataraxx(france), Lyncelia(France), Necrø(Portugal),Matt Hart(England), Mark E Moon(Isle Of Man), Metropolis Records(USA), Omnimar(Russia), Platronic(Finland/German), Principe Valiente(Sweden), Slice Records(Australia), Split Vision(Sweden), Town And Tower Records(Denmark), Tulip Tiger(USA), Unitcode:Machine(USA)

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia

05 03 24

Tuesday Night

(23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am

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Punk, Afro Punk, Steampunk, Hardcore Punk, Cowpunk, Punk Blues, Art Punk, Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Horror Punk
Goth Rock, Gothic Blues, Darkwave, Gothic Metal, Darkwave, Neoclassical, Ethereal, Cold wave, Neofolk, Death Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal,
Neo Folk, Dark Ambient, Dark Industrial, Gothic Industrial,
Dark Jazz, Noir Jazz, Jazz Blues,

Chiasm(Usa) – Crushing The Dread – Zone – Cop International(Usa)

Brittany Bindrim(Usa) – One Fixed Point(Single) – Metropolis Records(Usa)

Omnimar(Russia) – So Cold(Single) – : Darktunes Music Group(Germany)

Equal Ways(Canada) – Icbdfayk – Lw Recordings

Lazyboyproactive(Australia) – Future Species – In Space, In Time And In Life – Slice Records(Australia)

Unitcode:Machine(Usa)- A Violent End (Stabbing Westward / Chris Hall Mix)(Single) -Cop Internatinal(Usa)

Platronic(Finland/German) Mitten In Der Nacht. Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Lovataraxx(France) – “Tilda Vaast(Single)” – Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Tulip Tiger(Usa)- -Intensive Purposes- Dummy Thicc Patience Thin Give/Take(Usa)

Eva X (Canada) – Dopamine Blind(Single)

En Esch – Yum Yum Beauty & The Nasty Thief(Single) – Give/Take(Usa))

Matt Hart(England) – Black Abyss(Single)

Necrø(Portugal) “Deathward(Single)” Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Zero Corporation(England) Circus Of Death

Blaklight(Usa) Adam Collier (Beautiful Crisis, Silverscene), Brian Belknap (Mind Machine, Silverscene)( Omar Quiñones (Vain Machine) – Blind Vision- Blind Vision Ep

Split Vision(Sweden) – Wrath(Single) Town And Tower Records(Denmark)

Kpt(Usa)-Collared(Single) – Give Or Take(Usa)

Shaun Robert(England) – Lovlynes – Circles- Institute For Alien Research(England)

Black Nail Cabaret(Hungary)-Roadtrip(Single) -Dependent Records(Germany)

Bijou Noir(Usa)-Cuckoo Bird(Single) – Give/Take(Usa)

Kirlian Camera(Italy) – Stella Ominis(Single) – Dependent Records(Germany)

Mark E Moon(Isle Of Man)- The Signal And The Noise(Single)- Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Talking To Shadows(Usa)_Tears(Single)

Lyncelia(France) Extincted – Anthology- 2008 To 2018

Chrømatika(England) – Love & Lust(Single)

Dead Astronauts(Usa) – Christine(Single)- Cold Transmission Music(Germany)

Cat O’ Nine(Germany) – ‘See The Light(Single)- Danse Macabre Records (Germany)

Kill Toys(Australia) – Departed(Single)

Principe Valiente(Sweden) – Something New(Single) – Metropolis Records(Usa)