1562# Infectious Unease Radio    Industrial, Gothic, HorrorPunk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie Australia 96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 23 01 24 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am streaming on https://www.innerfm.org.au

1562# Infectious Unease Radio   

Industrial, Gothic, Horror Punk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie


96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia

23 01 24

Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am
streaming on




Featuring: Balduvian Bears(Usa),Barrel Smoke(Belgium), Darktunes Music Group(Germany),Benjamin Russell(Canada), Dystopiarch(Usa), Hilltop Are For Dreamers(England), Inspira feat FoxyFly(Russia), ScentAir Records(Russia), Lunar Paths(Usa), Moons Of Jupiter(England), PMad(Ireland), Robert Quine(Usa),
The Black Vultures(Wales), The Silence Industry(Canada), Aenaos Records(Germany), Anemos Promotions(Canada),When They Riot(England), SODEH Records(Canada), BLack Nail Cabaret(Hungary), Dependent Records(Germany), Brittany Bindrim(Usa), Metropolis Records(Usa), Dirt Factory(Australia), Viral Records(Australia), KMFDM(Germany/Usa), Metropolis Records(usa), M73(Em Sieben Drei)(Denmark), ManMindMachine(Denmark), Tinnitorturous(Denmark), New Church Of Trees(Canada),
Night On Wish Mountain(Canada), In Absentia(Denmark), Rigid Body Dynamics(Canada), Disowned Me Recordings(Canada), Wilhaeven(Canada), Touched Fables(Canada), Lazybyproactive(Australia), Tempest Recordings(Australia), Discodumper & Noty.



Lunar Paths(Usa) – Halo(single)

PMad(Ireland) – Horror – Who Why Where What

Inspira feat FoxyFly(Russia) – Salvation single 2024 – ScentAir Records(Russia)

The Black Vultures(Wales) – Never Say(single)

M73(Em Sieben Drei)(Denmark) – Out Of The Sun – Hermetic

Moons Of Jupiter(England) – Tenshi – Angel

The Silence Industry(Canada) – As the Walls Close In – As the Walls Close In Ep -: Aenaos Records(Germany)/ Anemos Promotions(Canada)

Benjamin Russell(Canada) – Pleasure Center- Pleasure Center

Robert Quine(Usa) _gost pipeline day 2

Barrel Smoke(Belgium) – Sugar Momma – SODEH Records(Canada)

Balduvian Bears(Usa) Shadow – Hibernation – Darktunes Music Group (Germany)

Black Marine(Austria) – What If – Waltz

Hilltop Are For Dreamers(England) – Hyacinth- The Tragedy of Being Human EP- – Hill Top Record / metalists

When They Riot(England) – Open Season (single) SODEH Records(Canada)

Wilhaeven(Canada) – Infinite Jest – Infinite Jest -Disowned Me Recordings

BLack Nail Cabaret(Hungary) – Roadtrip(athan) Dependent Records(Germany)

Dystopiarch(Usa) – Play Your Role – Rebuilding Society on a Shoestring Budget

New Church Of Trees(Canada) Single – Where Is Love Rob Stuart Remix(Single)

Rigid Body Dynamics(Canada) Make it Right – Pattern Clear – Disowned Me Recordings(Canada)

Brittany Bindrim(Usa) Fever Dreams(single) – Metropolis Records(Usa)

Discodumper & Noty – Two People (Extended Version) [Kommandoerr Music(Germany)

Touched Fables(Canada) – I See Your Shadow – A Thousand Goodbyes – Disowned Me Recordings(Canada)

Lazybyproactive(Australia) – Pandora’s Box – Pandora’s Box ep Tempest Recordings(Australia)

ManMindMachine(Denmark) ‘Propaganda’ single Tinnitorturous(Denmark)

Lazybyproactive(Australia) – Substrata – Substrata ep Tempest Recordings(Australia)

KMFDM(Germany/Usa) – Let Go (single) – Metropolis Records(usa)

Dirt Factory(Australia) –  Bones (Single) – Viral Records(Australia)

In Absentia(Denmark) – Wrath’ single- Tinnitorturous(Denmark)

Night On Wish Mountain(Canada) – Heres’ Looking At You, Crazy(single)

Dysphemic(Australia) – Egyptian Greeks feat Yiani Treweeke