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1558# Infectious Unease Radio USA

24 12 23


Industrial, Avant-Garde, Aggrotech, Cybergrind, Dark Electro, Electro-Industrial,Death Industrial Deathcore, Industrial Hip Hop, Psycheledic Industrial, Industrial Gothic, Industrial Folk, Industrial Rock, Noise, Japanoise,
Power Electronics, Power Noise, Witch House, Neue Deutsche Härte, EBM, Harsh EBM, Musique Concrète, vapourwave, Coldwave, Synthpunk, Synthpop ,Future pop , Dark Ambient, Avant-Garde, Indie, Indie Electronic, Indie & Alternative
Indie Dance, Alternative Rock, Experimental Rock, shoegazer, Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave, Punk, Afro Punk, Steampunk, Hardcore Punk, Cowpunk, Punk Blues, Art Punk, Psychobilly, Punkabilly, Goth Rock, Gothic Blues Darkwave, Gothic Metal, Darkwave, Neoclassical, Ethereal, Cold wave, Neofolk, Dark Jazz, Noir Jazz, Jazz Blues, Death Metal, Black Metal, Pagan Metal


The Del Roswells(England),

Missing Fink Records (Usa),

Black Marine(Austria),

Noir Corps(Australia),

Betty X (Usa),

Dark Side Cowboys(Sweden),

Μόρα (Mora)(Greece),

Echo Us(Usa),
Absolute Probability(Usa),

Talking To Shadows(Usa),

Robert Quine(Usa),

Abigail Fierce(Australia),

Deep Stars Collide(Scotland),

Minaxi(Usa), Frankie Knight & Ink Project(England),

Blind Color Music, Kirlian Kamera(Italy),

The Moons Of Jupiter(England),

Ghost Light(Usa),

World Circuit (Iceland),

Touched Fables(Canada),

Disowned Recordings(Canada),

Black Nail Cabaret(Hungary),

Dependent Records(Germany),

Eleventh Fear(France), Neris Records(France)

,Paul Handley(Australia), The Grab Society(Germany),



John Fryer, Christopher Hall,

Stabbing Westward,

Cop International (Usa), Supercraft (Norway),

Town And Tower(Denmark),



Demokratie (Germany),

Brittany Bindrim(Usa),

Metropolis Records(Usa),



99.9 Wax Radio

Indiana Indianapolis USA

24 12 23

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7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)

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