Infectious Unease Radio(USA) Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie 99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 10_12_23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)

Infectious Unease Radio(USA)

Industrial ,Gothic, HorrorPunk ,Punk, Darkwave, Indie

featuring:Black Marine(Austria), Noir Corps(Australia), Seekers Are Lovers(Germany), Radio Aftermath, Sodeh Records(Canada), Dystopiarch(Usa), Lisa Miles(Usa) – Fraction, Arsine Tibé (Germany), Echozone(Germany), Violent Vickie (Usa), Mirror Of Haze(Norway), Lunar Paths(Usa), Emerald Park(Sweden), Smaragdrecords(Sweden), Xposed4heads, Robert Quine(Usa), Jluc Courchet Aka Spiryt(France), Night Nail (Germany), The Haptics(Canada), Sodeh Records(Canada),
Killtoys(Australia), Gothnetic(Usa), Raven Said(Russia), Blurse(Usa), Kramm(Germany), Dance Macabre Records(Germany), Chiasm(Usa), Kunt(Sweden), Town And Tower Records(Sweden), Outpost Of Progress(Italy), Scent Air Records(Russia),
Sick Jokes, Cop International(Usa), Occults(Usa), Circuit Preacher, Touched Fables(Canada), Disowned Recordings, Extize(Canada), Darktunes(Germany), Mildreda(Sweden), Dependent Records(Germany), The Safety Word(Australia)


99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA

10 12 23

Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)

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