1552# Infectious Unease Radio 12_11_23 & 14_11_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie Now  Published On Hearthis  Can Be Downloaded!

1552# Infectious Unease Radio 12_11_23 & 14_11_23 Now  Published On Hearthis  Can Be Downloaded!

Gothic Electro Gothic Gothic Metal Gothic Rock Witch House Dark Wave Grindcore Power Electronics Power Noise Industrial Metal Neue Deutsche Härte. Industrial Hardcore Industrial Techno Electronic Industrial Industrial Hardcore Industrial   Industrial ,Gothic, HorrorPunk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie shoegazer dreampop, Indi Pop, Alternative, Dream Pop, Indie Pop , Witch House, Dance-Punk, Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Dance- Indie Pop , Jangle Pop, Lo-Fi, Math Rock, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Post-Punk Revival , Post-Rock, Sadcore, Grindie ,Indie Dance, Indie Folk, Indietronica, New Rave, Dance- Indie Pop , Jangle Pop, Lo-Fi, Math Rock, Noise Pop, Noise Rock, Post-Punk Revival , Post-Rock, Sadcore, Grindie ,Indie Dance, Indie Folk, Indietronica, New Rave,


featuring:Black Marine(Austria), Irradiated With Sound(Russia), ScentAir Records (Russia), Blak Sunday(USA), Her Own World(Poland), DarkTunes Music Group(Germany), Antibiotica(Sweden), Symphonic Noise Cult(Germany), VUZ Records(Germany), Orcus Nullify(USA), The Colours of Silence/Chiron (Brazil/Australia), Night Nail(Germany), Frau Knotz( New Zealand), The Exceptional Mr Hyde(England), The Black Vultures(Wales), Ductape(Turkey), Barrel Smoke(Belgium), Sodeh Records, Robbie Quine (USA), The Quinsy(Russia), Mari Kattman (USA), Cop International(USA), Third Realm(USA)(Athan), Distortion Productions(USA), Shinigami IND(Mexico), Voith (Sweden), GenCAB (USA), Metropolis Records(USA), Projekt Ich(Germany), Lisa Pung (France), Echozone (Germany) Pecadores(Brazil), Danse Macabre(Germany), Dero Goi(Germany), Dependent Records(Germany), Touched Fables(Canada), Ghost Light (USA), GDS Project(Russia), ScentAir Records(Russia),
Blackbook(Switzerland), DarkTunes Music Group(Germany), Oppenheimer and Chiron(Australia), Mildreda(Belgium)

99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 12_11_23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)
streaming on fmradiofree.com/wax-radio-indianapolis


96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 14_11_23 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am
streaming on innerfm.org.au

Black Marine(Austria) – The Flash – Enchanted

Irradiated With Sound(Russia) – Sleep My Sorrow (single) – ScentAir Records (Russia)

Blak Sunday(USA) – Lonely Corpse – Songs of Love, Death & Revolution

Her Own World(Poland) – Autumn Song (part II)(Single) – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Antibiotica(Sweden) – The Butcher Of The Soul (single)

Symphonic Noise Cult(Germany) – And The Rain Comes – Behind The Curtain – VUZ Records Megastore(Germany)

Orcus Nullify(USA) – No Justice – Creatures of the Wheel

The Colours of Silence/Chiron (Brazil/Australia) – Colours of Rain (remix by Chiron Australia)

Night Nail(Germany)(send play list athan) – Narcoleptic Dream Catcher(Single)

Frau Knotz( New Zealand) – Cellular (Single)

The Exceptional Mr Hyde(England) – Control – The Inevitable Rise of…. The Exceptional Mr Hyde

The Black Vultures(Wales) – Treat Me Like An Animal (Single)

Ductape(Turkey) – Red Scar (Single)

Barrel Smoke(Belgium) – High Octane Single) Sodeh Records!

Robbie Quine (USA)- Barfing final (single)

The Quinsy(Russia) – Свинотоксикоз (2023, EP) Swine Toxicosis

Mari Kattman (USA) – Urgod.Ai – Urgod.Ai(EP) – Cop International(USA

Third Realm(USA)- Self Destruction 2.0 – Into Oblivion – Distortion Productions(USA

Shinigami IND(Mexico) – Dark City – Rage Machine

Voith (Sweden) – Seen Through Nostalgic Eyes – Abstrakte Emotionen

GenCAB (USA) – The Black Mirror – Signature Flaws – Metropolis Records (USA)

Projekt Ich(Germany) & Lisa Pung (France) – Is It Sin – Paméla Amen – Echozone (Germany)

Pecadores(Brazil) – Diable Que Me Carregue – Danse Macabre(Germany)

Dero Goi(Germany) – Clickbait(Single) – Dependent Records(Germany)

Touched Fables(Canada) – I See Your Shadow – A Thousand Goodbyes

Ghost Light (USA) – Bloodborne – Zombies! Zombies! Zombies!

GDS Project(Russia) – Error In The Mind – Chess – ScentAir Records(Russia)

Blackbook(Switzerland) – Haunted Love (Single) – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Oppenheimer and Chiron(Australia) – I Hate What I’ve Become (Single)

Mildreda(Belgium) – Friendly Fire(Single)