1550# Infectious Unease Radio(USA/Australia) 29_10_23 & 31_10_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie now published on Hearthis


1550# Infectious Unease Radio(USA/Australia) 29_10_23 & 31_10_23 Industrial,Gothic,HorrorPunk,Punk,Darkwave,Indie


featuring: Eden(Sean Bowley )(Australia), Those Monsters(USA), 2 TOTEMS /Black Marine(Austria), Syteria(England), Status Oblique(Australia), Talking To Shadows(USA), Betty X(USA), MuffDada(Greece), The Quinsy(Russia), Malefixio(Spain), Psychic Eye Records(USA), The Birthday Party(Australia), Robbie Quine(USA), Chiron(Australia), Dark Vinyl Records (Germany), IIOIOIOII (USA), Pmad(Ireland), Kill Toys(Australia), The Cold Field(Australia), Cold Transmission Music,(Germany) Orcus Nullify(USA), Breaking Fuel(France), The Ecstatic Spells(Russia), ScentAir Records(Russia). Varsovie(France), Suburban Urchins(Australia), BlackieBlueBird, Anemos-Promotions(Germany), Voith(Sweden) , Accidental President(Australia), Lunar Paths(USA), Alan Elettronico:(Italy), Projekt(USA), Touched Fables(Canada), Empathy Test(England)

99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 29_10_23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)
streaming on fmradiofree.com/wax-radio-indianapolis

facebook: facebook.com/events/1037124114…037124140815110

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 31_10_23 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am
streaming on innerfm.org.au
facebook: facebook.com/events/2870556940…287055717378590

Eden ( Sean Bowley )(Australia) – Stone Cat – Stone Cat

Those Monsters(USA) – Building Lovers

2 TOTEMS /Black Marine(Austria) Der Totentanz(single)-

Syteria(England) – Asylum – Reflection

Status Oblique(Australia) – Suffering

Talking To Shadows(USA) – Exit Wound – lost

Betty X(USA) – The Nightingale(Single)

MuffDada(Greece) – Ecstasy – Entropy

The Quinsy(Russia) – Не Значит ( Does not mean) (single)

Malefixio(Spain) – Trivialita (Trivialite) – Magia Ceremonial (Ceremonial Magic) – Psychic Eye Records(USA)

The Birthday Party(Australia) – Deep in the Woods – The Bad Seed e.p/ The Mutiny Sessions

Robbie Quine(USA) – Electric Pussycat – Glitter Hole

Chiron(Australia) – Torn – The Sun Goes Down – Dark Vinyl Records (Germany)

IIOIOIOII (USA) – Televised Lies – Dreaming

Pmad(Ireland) – Sword(Single)

kill toys(Australia) – Another Realm(Single)

The Cold Field(Australia) – Puppet Pulls The String – Black River – Cold Transmission Music,(Germany)

Orcus Nullify(USA) – Morbid Minds (Single)

Breaking Fuel(France) – No Pasarán. (Single)

The Ecstatic Spells(Russia) – ‘Amori Amara Sacrum’ (Single) – ScentAir Records(Russia)

Varsovie(Frane) – Pochodeň číslo jedna (Torch number one)

Suburban Urchins(Australia) – Zed Girl – Zed Girl EP

BlackieBlueBird – The love we once knew – Grace & Gravity – Anemos-Promotions (germany)

Voith(Sweden) – Falling in love with(Single)

Accidental President(Australia) – Super Hero (single)

Lunar Paths(USA) – September(Single)