1548# Infectious Unease Radio 15_10_23 & 17_10_23 Industrial, Gothic, HorrorPunk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie Now Published On Hearthis The Show Can Be Downloaded


1548# Infectious Unease Radio 15_10_23 & 17_10_23 

 Industrial, Industrial Hardcore, Electro-Industrial, Industrial Electron, Industrial Noise, EBM Industrial, Vaporwave, Electronic Dance Music, Hardcore Techno, Industrial techno, gothic, gothic rock, horror punk, Indie Dance, Indietronic, shoegaze, southern gothic, coldwave

Was Played At these Stations


99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 15_10_23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)


96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 17_10_23 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am

featuring:Breaking Fuel(France), MuffDada(Greece), Vaselyne(Netherlands), Psydoll(Japan), Black Marine(Austria), Who Saw Her Die?(USA), The Barbarellatones(USA), Preger (Russia), Talking To Shadows(USA), IIOIOIOII (USA), Erlinn(Russia), ScentAir Records (Russia), Morlocks(Sweden), Lazerpunk & Waveshaper(Hungary), Minorarc(Australia), Institute For The Criminally Insane(Denmark), Circuit Preacher(USA), Unitcode:machine (USA) COP International(USA), Apnoie (Russia), State Of The Union (USA), Synthtoast feat. Augustus Watkins( DEATHDANCE) Bijou Noir (USA), Give/Take (USA), DeadLights, Blackbook(Switzerland), DarkTunes Music Group (Germany), Robots in Love (New Zealand/ Australia), Cradle (Australia), Tremors(Russia), Deathsoundbat Recordings(Russia)

Breaking Fuel(France) – Make Our Delay Great Again feat. Adri__án Terrazas-González (single)

MuffDada(Greece) Addiction – Entropy

Vaselyne(Netherlands) – Necromance – Necromance – COP International(USA)

Psydoll – The Night Sky Colours in Your Eyes – Modus Operandi Psydoll

Black Marine(Austria) – Devils Dance(single)

Who Saw Her Die?(USA) – Burn It All – Burn It All

The Barbarellatones(USA) – Dark things mix 1 (single)

Preger (Russia) – Крик Scream – Альтер Эго (Alter ego)

Talking To Shadows(USA) – Thawing – Talking To Shadows

IIOIOIOII (USA) – Dreaming – Into the Night

Erlinn(Russia) – Someone/Êòî-òî (Russian Version) – ScentAir Records (Russia)

Voith (Sweden) – On The Night Of Halloween – A Dreamers Kiss” ep

Morlocks(Sweden) – The Golden Goddess – Praise the Iconoclast

Lazerpunk & Waveshaper(Hungary) – Comeback (single)

Minorarc(Australia) – Meet The Blade – Inclusions- Darkstereo/ Dawn Industry / DEMUS) (Australia)

Institute For The Criminally Insane(Denmark) – Truth Or Scare (Leæther Strip RMX)(single)

Circuit Preacher(USA) – Entity -DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Unitcode:machine (USA) – Nothing Left – Critical Fault – COP International(USA)

Apnoie (Russia) – Anyway Death Single – darkTunes Music Group

State Of The Union (USA) – Purgatory (dance-remix)

Synthtoast feat. Augustus Watkins( DEATHDANCE) and Bijou Noir (USA) – Jesus Christ Pose single – Give/Take (USA)

DeadLights – Into the night – Glitterspit – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Blackbook(Switzerland)- Painkiller (Single )- DarkTunes Music Group (Germany)

Robots in Love (New Zealand/ Australia) – Gossip In Your Head – Gossip Remix – 2023-08-21_Analog_2496

Minorarc (Australia) – Bleeding Facet – Inclusions – Darkstereo/ Dawn Industry / DEMUS) (Australia)

Cradle (Australia) – This Vale of Tears (VIP)

Tremors(Russia) – Feel The Nightmare – Nightmare Of The Future – Deathsoundbat Recordings(Russia)