1546# Infectious Unease Radio 01 10 23 & 03 10 23 Industrial, Gothic, Horror Punk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie Now Published On Hearthis Can Be Downloaded


1546# Infectious Unease Radio 01 10 23 & 03 10 23 Industrial, Gothic, Horror Punk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie   Now Published  On Hearthis   Can Be Downloaded 

was played at these stations and at these times

99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 01_10_23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)

96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 03_10_23 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am

Featuring: Black Marine(Austria), Long Hours(Australia), Spooky Records(Australia), BlackieBlueBird(Denmark), Anemos-Promotions(Germany), Czarina(Spain), Accidental President(Australia), Robbie Quine(USA), Preger(Russia), Pmad (Ireland), Les Autres(France), Ovvk Recordings(France), Yuzna, Talking To Shadows(USA), 4.44(Russia), Dissociate, Textbeak, Give/Take (USA), Autopsy Club(USA), Freaky Mind (Russia), Replikant (Australia), Contagion Collective(Australia), Ex-Hyena(USA), Extize(Germany), New Version, ScentAir Records(Russia), Paul Handley(Australia), Matt Hart (England),  Dance My Darling(Russia), DarkTunes Music Group (Germany), The Disorder(Mexico), Slichtnacht (Mexico), Her Noise Is Violence(USA), Brutal Resonance(USA), Formato Negativo(Mexico), Electro Sound Records(Mexico), Negant (Denmark), Tinnitorturous(Denmark),

Black Marine(Austria) – Cobblestones(Single)

Long Hours(Australia) – True Dream Never Enough – Spooky Records(Australia)

BlackieBlueBird(Denmark) – The Morning After – Grace & Gravity – Anemos-Promotions(Germany)

Czarina(Spain) – The Outsider(A Perfect Circle Cover) – Darkheart

Accidental President(Australia) – After The Sun(Single)

Robbie Quine(USA) – Surfing In Drag Final(Single)

Preger(Russia) – Марионетка (A marionette) – Альтер Эго(Alter ego)

Pmad (Ireland) – Fury (Single)

Les Autres(France) – Kill The Girl I love – Hoppy ep – Ovvk Recordings (France)

Yuzna – Sex Confusion – All Your Love Ain’t Worth A Penny – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Talking To Shadows(USA) – Little Friend – Talking To Shadows

4.44 (Russia) – In The Hole (Single)

Dissociate – Murk (Textbeak Mix) – Amalgam_Opt_Out_Remixes – Give/Take (USA)

Autopsy Club(usa) – The Oracle (Single)

Freaky Mind (Russia) – Get Undressed – Freaky Mind – DarkTunes Music Group (Germany)

Replikant (Australia) – Revloop5 -Outbreak: Vol. 2- Contagion Collective(Australia)

Ex-Hyena(USA) – In Slow Motion (Single)

Extize(Germany) – Esther (Combichrist Remix) – MonStars Remixes – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

New Version – Day I Remember (IWS Techno Mix) Day I Remember (Remixes) singles – ScentAir Records(Russia)

Paul Handley(Australia) – Countenance – Countenance(Ep)

Matt Hart (England) – Deep Dawn city

Dance My Darling(Russia) – Criminal(Single) – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

The Disorder(Mexico) – No time for redemption(Single)

Slichtnacht (Mexico) – Destroyer Of Worlds- The Destroyer Of Worlds

Her Noise Is Violence(USA) – Rituals – Choosing Violence – Brutal Resonance(USA)

Formato Negativo(Mexico) – Eternal Circuits – Eternal Circuits – Electro Sound Records(Mexico)

Negant (Denmark) – Censor(single) – Tinnitorturous(Denmark)