1544# Infectious Unease Radio 17 09 23 & 19 09 23 Industrial, Gothic, Horror Punk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie Is Now on Hearthis Can be downloaded





1544# Infectious Unease Radio 17_09_23 & 19_09_23 Industrial, Gothic, Horror Punk, Punk, Darkwave, Indie

Can be downloaded  – play list included 

Was played on these stations 

USA 99.9 Wax Radio Indiana Indianapolis USA 17_09_23 Sunday Night 7pm to 9pm (19:00 to 21:00)

Australia 96.5 Inner Fm Melbourne Australia 19_09_23 Tuesday Night (23:00 to 01:00) 11pm–1am


Status Oblique(Australia) – Revenge – Album Mix (feat. Give Them L) – Revenge (feat. Give Them L)

Black Marine(Austria) Dead man walks

Dave-id Busaras (England) And Toshiyuki Hiraoka (Japan) – Battle Of Insane Pain In The Head – A Mind Is Blown Away (Chapter I To The End)

Bedless Bones( Estonia) (Kadri Sammel) – Bedless Bone – Sublime Malaise – Metropolis records(USA)

The Barbarellatones(USA) – Dark things (single)

VEiiLA – Can’t Forgive Myself – Sentimental Craving For Beauty – Projekt Records(USA)

Preger Russia) – Ночь (NIght) (Single)

GenCAB (USA) – the badge (single) Metropolis records (usa)

Fear Incorporated (Scotland) – TV Terrors – Blackout EP

The Ecstatic Spells (Russia) – ‘Amori Amara Sacrum’ (Single)- ScentAir Records (RUSSIA)

Accidental President(Australia) – Bitter Sweet clean (Single)

Yuzna (Italy) Saving Coraline (Single) – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Peak Flow(England) – Running From You. (Single)

Talking To Shadows(USA) – Lost – Lost

Luc Courchet aka SPIRYT (France) – The Poison – Blood Twins

Varsovie (France) – Pochodeň číslo jedna

Those Monsters (USA) – in Her flesh (single)

Night Nail (Germany )- Narcoleptic Dream Catcher

Sapphira Vee(USA) – Metamorph – Fortune

Laurent Colson (France) – Lilith [The Ice] (Feat Humanfobia) – ▲†Cross3s & Tri▲Ngl3s▲†

Dead Lights – Let The Ugly Out (Single) -DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Tenalock – Fantasy FM – Ocean Drive

Stoneburner (USA) – The Great Filter – The Great Filter EP – Cop International(USA)

Circuit Preacher(USA) – Brainwash(Single) – DarkTunes Music Group(Germany)

Hikikomori(Japan) – Bosai (Original Mix)- Electronic Bodies – Session 1 by Various Artists_Side-Line Magazine New Ukraine Charity Compilation (Belgium)

GDS Project(Russia) – “The Broken Destiny” ScentAir Records (RUSSIA)

Unlit & Distillat – Silhouette (single) – Dark Heart Recordings (England)

4TH Wall – I Bet You Will ( Single) – Relium X (UK)

Brigadier – Krieger – VA – Mecanismo Humano Vol.1 – Electro Sound Records(Mexico)

Touched Fables (Canada) – Memories Without Sight – A Thousand Goodbyes